I am Stefan Libiseller, a creative professional, designer and engineer from Vienna, Europe.

When I work on projects, I always want to push quality as far as I can think of. My strongest skill is to remember concepts I have seen, update their fundamental implications of technology and adapt them to apply to any given problem. I am fascinated by the limits of nature, technology and society. I have a problem accepting any limits before that, which determines my decision making.

about design

With its capability to form identity, design is crucial to our lifes.
For me, design is the language of aesthetics and beauty, a lifestyle I choose to experience the world in. Even more so, design can act as a bonding force between humans and technology. The better the design, the higher the usability. Transforming complex user flows into easily executable actions is the main focus of good design.

I have clear visions of beauty, especially regarding user interfaces.
Simplicity, usability and efficiency are key features you can expect from my work.

user experience

For me, user experience is like the integral of design.
By adding the dimension of time, design turns into UX just like static frames turn into a movie. With well implemented guidance and clear options, using can truely become an experience.

It is not surprising that the combination of a perfect UX with cutting-edge technology leads to disruption.
User experience is a key factor to success.

Nava shoes is a south african brand that produces handmade desert shoes.

This project included design, concept, coding and guidance for photographs. The design of the website gives all the attention to the shoes and focuses on a clear communication of the conditions for buying and returning at any moment.

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